Madcrox Idea To Millions
Madcrox Idea To Millions
Brian Zheng Madcrox
Brian Zheng’s Madcrox 
Idea To Millions 
7 Week Online Advanced System
I, Brian Zheng, am ready to take you on an informational 7 week journey and show you the Madcrox state of mind in the innovative, entrepreneurial world to turn your ideas into Multi Millions
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Ideas into Millions
Attend your 7 week system from the comfort of your own home
Madcrox Millions
Watch my videos, listen to my audiobooks, and read my content at your own pace
Brian Zheng Madcrox
Learn about the Madcrox attitude to deal with the innovation, business world
Million Dollar Idea
Learn all about my failures in business and how I overcame them
Madcrox Millions Chapter Three
Hone your business knowledge with lessons from an experienced inventor and designer
Madcrox Millions Patent
Take your ideas and inventions to new heights and profits with a Madcrox attitude
Madcrox Millions Certificate
Become apart of my exclusive 
Idea To Millions Club upon completion. Club members will receive a certificate and exclusive access to ideas, perks, production resources, marketing and sales channels,  investment opportunities and possible business partnerships
Madcrox Millions Ideas
"I have mentored more than 15 individuals who went on to become multi millionaires"

"Are you the next one?!"
Week-By-Week System Breakdown 
Madcrox Millions Week One
Week One: How to Dominate in Life and Business with Idea, Innovation Mindset and Attitude

Ready for it?! Who am I? Learn about me in this first week.

My failures and successes in business.

Am I a fraud trying to scam you into making money? You will learn about my successes and failures in the innovation, entrepreneurial world.

If you're not completely sold on me just yet, you will be by the end of Week 1.

Learn how to use your mind and not your heart when it comes to business.

How to dominate in life and In business with creation, idealization, design, and innovation mindset.

Learn from me, Brian Zheng, on how to focus, how to give up and how to choose what is the best for you to be a successful innovator and entrepreneur.

Prepare your lifestyle and be ready for your life and business venture. 
Madcrox Millions Week Two
Week Two:
Advanced Human Psychology of Innovation, Creativity, Idea, Design Thinking, and Prototypes with Digital and Physical Products

This program does not teach you how to be a design student to learn and go through four years of product or graphic design. This program teaches you how to set up the new philosophy, psychology about innovation mindset, creativity process, ideation, design thinking, and prototypes with digital and physical products.

Be ready to hop on the creativity train with the Madcrox Method. 

It will modify and lead you to use different points of view to challenge every single concept and idea you have from the view of market demand and consumer needs. It will also allow you to use the most simple method whether it is a graphic, simple drawing, writing, video or voice recording to generate records of ideas and concepts throughout your life. 

Build your inventory and library with your own creative ideas. Store them and wait until the time is right to market them. Build the opportunity to create your own income and take advantage. Timing is everything when it comes to business. 

Do this in order to build your own library and your own innovation. Do this in order to benefit your business decisions, selection, and schedule your action to generate your income when the time is right. 
Madcrox Millions Week Three
Week Three: 
Understanding the Dynamic of Idea to IP Protection, Utilize and Take Advantage of It by Working with your Own Entrepreneurial Idea and Using the well built U.S. legal system and environment

Coaching you how to use USPTO website to file your patent or trademark application without paying expensive attorney fees by introducing the history of my 30 years of business experience working with the legal system and IP protection. 

I will offer you the tools to make sure what idea needs protection and can utilize the business method to be advanced rather than waste money to file patents. 

Learn the story of every legal battle whether inside or outside the courtroom, judge's chambers or a settlement or judgement and the ins and outs throughout the legal battle. I will be able to show you the benefits and ugly sides of the system. 
Madcrox Millions Week Four
Week Four:
Idea to Prototyping Your Concept, Push into Production, and Make Ideas from Scratch Into Full Scale Product Ready for Commercial Use

Ready for marketing, sales, and production use

Whether you use scratch paper, record photo, video, or write, this program will teach you how to take advantage of the shortcut I offer in week 4. 

This program will assist in materializing the concept within a simple form, shape, or working prototype. I will teach you how to make it mass production ready, cost to produce, analytical procedures, sample, sales presentation use, marketing, and packaging and online promotional use. 
Madcrox Millions Week Five
Week Five:
Advanced Product Concept with Digital, Tangible, Virtual, Physical and Hybrid

This program will help students to utilize your innovation, focusing on three categories:

1) Digital product - Whether an app or software that can work on or offline to provide convenience and benefit consumers, B2B, and B2C
2) Tangible product - Not only for new functions but also for sufficient, efficient saved materials, environment friendly, and niche
3) Digital and tangible hybrid - To serve B2B, B2C, C2C. Allow tangible goods to take advantage of online technology and the business environment. Allow technology of digital to implant into the traditional product world.
Madcrox Millions Week Six
Week Six:
Ultimate Advanced Marketing and Sales Step-By-Step Building Process in the Specialty Market, Mass Market, E-Commerce, Digital Market

By taking the three categories (digital, tangible, and hybrid products) we also can build up the network and channel for specialty and mass market, e-commerce, digital marketing and online services.

Learn the benefit and problems by working with the big-box retailers, sales channel, and traditional promotion through TV advertisements.

Learn how to set up a system of sales or sales reps to reach out to national chain stores in the U.S. and Canada.

The benefit and advantage we can gain from the new age technology of online marketing, e-commerce, follow its own limit, set up and deal with your Amazon vendor central, sales central system and Shopify sales storefront.

The benefit and advantage combining traditional marketing sales channels with digital and e-commerce business to increase the potential of market share, product and sales.
Week Seven:
The Success and Transformation From Idea and Innovation to Entrepreneurship and Multi Million Dollar Income

-Cash Cow Idea and Innovation/Market Demand and Consumer Desire 
-Positive Cash Flow 
-Super smooth practice and principle of running entrepreneurship/The Madcrox Shortcut and maps and navigation guide 
-Madcrox Attitude to be successful and continue to succeed by continuing to work hard to generate new ideas and catch up with consumer needs by exercising your business constantly to adapt and react to be able to survive like the wild mad crocodile surviving in his own swamp 

Never let go, persistence, and hard working with your own intelligent mindset to pursue your multi million dollar income and business. 
Madcrox Millions Week 8
Week Eight/Bonus:
Unleash the Potential from Idea and Innovation to Multi Million Dollar Income. I am offering a measurement system and formula to gauge the following:

1) Are people willing to pay for your idea?
2) Is your idea useful or functional?
3) Is there a market demand to support your idea or not?
4) How big of a market share can your idea generate or occupy?
5) How much longevity can your idea last and sustain in the ever-changing marketplace?
6) How to create your own kingdom and create demand of the market with your own product line. 
6) What will be the ultimate cost to protect your idea and continue to let you be the exclusive person in your own business? In other words and be the king of your own kingdom.
Pictures and Words from Friends and Students
Daniel Z
"When I learned about Brian's background I learned that he is a very creative individual and he is able to turn his creativity and idea into multi millions throughout his entrepreneurial career. His story has helped and motivated us to keep the innovation in our business in China. --Daniel Zhang

 Future CEO of
Patrick H
"Brian helped me go from broke with music career for my band to a best-selling songwriter, earning $500,000 in revenue in four months.” --Patrick Hale 

CEO and Co-Owner of Digital Music Service LLC
Phil H
"I established my business in 4 months, using Brian's methods to jumpstart it. I left my corporate job and now I’m making twice as much money and creating a much bigger impact thanks to Brian." --Phil Hale

CEO and Co-Founder of Presentation Switchers Inc
Eve B
"I worked with Brian to write and publish my informational book. The weekend I published I made $90,000. My book has helped me create a six figure income in business doing what I love!” -- Eve Bellflower

CEO of Fantasy Model 
Photography Service Agency
Lili E
"Brian helped me become a successful designer and best-selling painter in 18 months after working with him and learning his business tactics." --Ember LILI

Founder of Dreamix LLC
Mark W
"I learned how to run my business in less than 5 months, using Brian Zheng's 7 Week System Idea To Millions. It turned my business into a massive success. Now I’m making way more money thanks to the help of Brian." --Mark Wood

Owner of Foothill Graphic Design Consulting Company
Maggie W
"I took Brian's business advice and have thrived with my business, gaining more than half a million in revenue in a little more than 2 years." 
--Maggie Wang

Gynecologist for Kaiser Permanente
Jeff B
"I witnessed Brian Zheng develop a product from a sketchpad to a full product many times. I worked for him for 15 years as a sales representative for Toys 'R' Us. Eventually, I branched off on my own and established a business to generate a six figure income doing what I love because of Brian's mentorship." --Jeff Burdelski

Founder of Focus Marketing Group
Dolanda D
"Brian Zheng's entrepreneurial spirit has always motivated me to grow and expand in the technology business. Now I make more than six figures every year thanks to him." 
--Doranda Du
CEO of Southern China Division of IFLITECH
Eric Zheng
"Brian helped me grow my idea and now I run an expansive after-school program for kids in China. I made $500,000 in revenue in my first four months in business.” --Eric Zhang

Self Made Millionaire
Madcrox Club
Madcrox Club
Our exclusive Madcrox Club will bring innovators and entrepreneurs alike together to talk about business ideas and the future potential of partnerships and much more. 

Club members will also have exclusive access to the man behind Madcrox, Brian Zheng. 
Madcrox Cookbook
Madcrox Cookbook
We are cooking different ingredients by working with business, creativity, ideas,  innovation, legal protections, licensing, and many, many more. 

Multi-ingredients that can be scrambled and 
cooked together to build a solid business and positive cash flow.
Madcrox Success
Madcrox Success
Madcrox Success is our newest ebook, available for download very soon. 

It will teach you even more ways to be successful in your business venture and help push your idea into multi millions.
One Video is Worth More than One Thousand Pictures

"I've known Brian Zheng for many years now and he is a great motivator. I have taken the ideas I have learned from him over the years and started my own business with his support and have grow my business exponentially since I first started and it is all thanks to Brian." --Phil Hale
CEO and Co-Founder of 
Presentation Switchers Inc

"I witnessed Brian Zheng develop a product from a sketchpad to full product many times.--Jeff Burdelski

Founder of Focus Marketing Group

"This is the system for you if you're getting 
into business for the first time" --Corey Kleinsasser

Founder of Modern Eye Marketing

"Brian Zheng is very successful and driven. 
He is very creative and when you work  with him you know you're in good hands." --Patrick Hale

CEO and Co-Owner of 
Digital Music Service LLC

"I have known Brian for more than 25 years and when I first met him he pushed me towards my dreams and goals and now I am a successful professor at a renowned college.--Jenny Bolthem

Professor of Arts at 
Cal State Fullerton 

"This system is designed to help push and motivate you towards making multi millions and I believe anyone who inherits this information will benefit from it greatly.--Nejla Nasir

Digital Product Manager for
Privately Owned Company

"I have known Brian for more than 30 years now and I have always learned about his new ideas. I even witnessed his first sun shade the first time that I met him and he grew that into multi million dollar entities as he expanded that into different companies. He has grown many businesses from a simple idea to a successful venture throughout those years." --Calvin Liu

Successful Business 
Entrepreneur for 30 years

"I've known Brian for 10 years now and taking his business advice from idea to full product is what he is an expert in. He even helped me grow my own business.--Maggie Wang

Professional Medical Doctor of 
Speciality of Gynecologist
INC Magazine
South China Morning Post
ABC Broadcasting Network
Costco Wholesale
Madcrox Legal Disclaimer:
Please understand that I am not guaranteeing that you will inherit, obtain or earn multi millions from reading my book, watching my videos, or following to my advice. My advice is to help you gain the knowledge and wherewithal to succeed in the business world. It is inherently up to you to drive and push yourself in the innovative, entrepreneurial world to be a success.

I am not implying that you will gain the amount of money that I did in a number of months, years, etc. 

I would suggest you to push yourself to reach your highest potential. And your results depend on your ability to work hard, commit yourself, and do whatever it takes to succeed in business.

I have been in business for more than 30 years and my results are based on my actions and decisions. The results from my many years in business were not guaranteed. I am only sharing my personal experience, which has worked for me, my students, proteges, etc.

Entering the business world involves a level of risk and massive commitment and action for any individual. Our program is designed to help you advance your way through business to the best of your abilities. It is ultimately up to you to move forward and succeed.

As stated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your own ability to get results or earn any money(s) with our or your ideas, information, programs or strategies. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at Thank you and we hope you enjoy all of the content we’re offering here at Madcrox.
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